Capt Frank Braddick

Frank has fished all his life. In the fifties the major part of his fishing activities took place in the surf of western Suffolk County, mainly on the north shore near his home in Huntington, and the barrier beaches of Fire Island and Jones Beach. Eventually most surf casters graduate to become boat anglers, and Frank was no exception, however his first step was closely tied to his surfcasting. After seeing an article about launching small aluminum boats in the surf in a magazine, he bought his first boat, a 14’ Aerocraft and hitched onto the back of his beach buggy. Every summer weekend would find him and his family parked on the sands alongside Moriches Inlet, with the skiff always ready to be launched into the surf at the first sign of a school of bluefish on the outer bar. September and October weekends would find him parked in back of Montauk’s North Bar, generally sleeping days and fishing nights. 

In 1969, Frank along with a friend, Jimmy Pennacola, decided to buy a normal boat as opposed to a trailer type. Their choice was a 26’ Summercraft, custom set up for striped bass fishing, mainly at night, and was moored permanently in Montauk. The boat was named “HURRY UP” by Jimmy, because Frank would constantly exhort his laid back partner to hurry up in order to catch a certain stage of the tide. Almost immediately Frank started booking night bass charters and in a very few years had so much business that he had to buy out his partner. The September, October and November full moons, being the prime time for striped bass that the only way a client could fish those few nights was by booking a number of day trips as well. Having a boat the size of the first “HURRY UP” allowed Frank to pioneer the concept of the single handed charter boat.

Five years later, with the demand for two day canyon trips building, Frank once again stepped up, probably for the last time. In 1989, the last “HURRY UP” was brought to town, this time a 43’ twin engine Torres. This is a big boat, with a huge cockpit and roomy cabin, complete with heat and air conditioning.

Step into the wheelhouse and you will see far more electronics than you would think necessary for fishing, in fact maybe even more that you thought existed. If there is something that Frank hasn’t got, it’s probably on order. Capable of extended trips of two or more days, and with a range of over 300 miles, Frank has finally reached the last plateau.


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169 Greenwich St
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Sailing from Star Island Yacht Club

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